A Milestone Birthday

Today is my 30th birthday and I used to think I would feel older when this one rolled around. I used to think it would bother me to leave my twenties. I have heard, as they approach significant birthdays, some people have quarter- or mid-life crises or make drastic changes to their lives or work to cross items off their bucket lists.

No crisis here, I am thrilled about my life and looking forward to everything God has in store for this year (which I suppose could include drastic changes, He hasn’t clued me in yet). I also have nothing to cross off my bucket list because I do not have one (shocking, I know, considering the number of lists I make).

In the past thirty years, this perfectionistic planner has learned my plans often do not work out. This delighted dreamer has learned the God-written story I am living is far more blessed and adventurous than I ever imagined. With those life lessons in mind, I offer you my List.


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