Lows & Highs: April 3-9

With all the birthday excitement on Monday and Tuesday, I saved my weekly Lows & Highs post for today.

Low: I had a very klutzy day last Saturday. First, I bashed my knee against console in the backseat of the car I rode in. (I now sport a lovely purple bruise.) At lunch, I gently squeezed the barbecue sauce bottle and the lid promptly popped off, dumping the contents all over my plate. (We discovered later that a piece of garlic was wedged in the tip of the lid, so it was a barbecue explosion waiting to happen.) While eating lunch, I managed to drop a slippery piece of sauce-covered asparagus into my lap. Before lunch was over, I also bit the side of my tongue so hard it bled.

High: We had a family birthday party for my sister and me on Saturday. Aside from getting to see some of my favorite people all in the same place, my favorite parts were playing bocci ball indoors and eating delicious food (especially the twice-baked potatoes, strawberry shortcake, and cinnamon-swirl cheesecake).


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One response to “Lows & Highs: April 3-9

  1. That was a fun day! The BBQ mess was spectacular, the indoor bocci ball memorable, and the company marvelous! Sigh! Family is the best!

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