Lows & Highs: June 19-25

With our students on summer break, we have not been having Monday night Bible study and I have not been thinking or posting much about lows and highs. In no particular order (other than lows have to come first) here are my lows and highs for the past week:

1. Minor but frustrating issues at work with someone who regularly blows off my meetings and ignores my emails but expects me to respond right away to any of their questions.

2. Studying for my summer school midterm and taking it required more time than I planned on Saturday. I scored 99/100, though, so that made it less low.

1. Revisiting a favorite classic movie, The Princess Bride, with someone new. I had not seen it in quite a while and it seems even funnier now because I understand all the words and remember the lines my sister and I quoted most during our childhood. (One of her favorites was “Rest well and dream of large women.” can you imagine a kindergartner saying that?)

2. All the time I spent on my weekend road trip (driving solo for four hours each way) gave me time to review Bible verses I memorized ages ago and to listen to some of my favorite soundtracks. Playlist on the way out: The complete Phantom of the Opera movie soundtrack, The Addams Family Broadway soundtrack. Playlist on the way home: A Walk to Remember soundtrack, selections from the Oklahoma and South Pacific soundtracks, The Sound of Music soundtrack, Beach Boys (okay, not a soundtrack but definitely summery driving music!)


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