Things That Are Sweet or Furry

It is time for InstaFriday again!

Our weekly game night included several amusing rounds of Game of Things. The board in the photo shows our answers for the prompt, “Things that are wild.” I wrote “bed head.”

My department had a snack day this week in honor of our summer intern returning to school and a supervisor transferring to another location. I made my family’s favorite chocolate chip cookies and substituted dark chocolate for the usual semi-sweet. I had a very large snickerdoodle.

Shadow got some attention from Mom.

A couple days ago, a friend texted me, “Help!!!” There was a hungry-looking, stray black cat at her back door and she wanted to feed it but was afraid of it and wanted it to go away. I warned her not to feed the cat or it would not leave. Amused, I wondered if she was afraid of all cats or just black ones… then she sent me a photo.

Yikes! Everyone I have shown agrees this looks like one scary cat!

life rearranged


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