Catching up on Insta-Friday

I missed posting photos for Insta-Friday last week, so today’s post includes highlights from the past two weeks.

I am still enjoying a large box of peaches from Bountiful Baskets. I blanched the ones I could not eat right away and made them into peach pie popsicles (newly invented recipe), syrup for Italian sodas, two kinds of peach dumplings, a caramelized peach dessert, and – because I still had peaches left after my energy ran out – a couple quarts of frozen peaches. Photo not edited.

I rearranged my living room furniture and changed the decor on the top of the bookcase (aka the closest thing my apartment has to a mantel). Photos combined with Diptic, text added with Over, the “after” photo also uses Instagram’s Hudson filter.

We were playing miniature golf last weekend when the rain sprinkles began. About the time we finished the round and headed toward the clubhouse, the rain increased from sprinkling to pouring. It was a welcome – though temporary – break from the summer heat and drought so we did not mind getting a little wet. Photos combined with Diptic and filtered with Rise (Instagram).

Shadow, adopted July 2005, and Cobra, adopted July 2012, live with my parents and enjoy afternoon naps near their people. Arranged with Pic Collage, text added with  Over.

life rearranged


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