Favorite Photography Apps for iOS

I like taking pictures with my iPhone (and with my iPod Touch before that). I don’t pretend to be good at it, but it is a fun, handy way to capture memories. The apps I have been using most frequently are listed below. If you have a favorite iOS photo app not listed, tell me about it in the comments. I like trying out new ones!

  • Camera+ to take photos instead of the built-in Camera app
  • Diptic to create windowpane-type arrangements
  • Pic Collage to create more free-spirited arrangements than Diptic
  • Over to add text to an image
  • Instagram to add filters and post photos I want to share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Photo Sync to upload to Dropbox, a computer, or another device without using cables

Check out some examples of how I use these tools here.

Originally posted at Practical Adventure.


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