I like my coffee nice and hot, so I set my mug on a warming plate when I’m at work. Occasionally someone visiting my office will notice and say, “You put your coffee on your candle warmer? That is such a good idea!” Am I the only one who remembers when these were marketed as mug warmers in the 90s?

Recently, my family congregated for my cousin’s wedding dinner. The weekend before, I heard my mom tell my youngest brother, “Now, just because the dinner will be outside doesn’t mean it is casual. Dress for a wedding.” This photo tells you two things about Ben: First, he listened to his mom. Second, he cleans up well.

At the wedding dinner, I wanted a photo with my grandparents but Grandma hates having her picture taken. As someone across the table told us to smile, she protested, “Oh, no, no!” shaking her head vigorously. I turned to her and smiled firmly, “Grandma, I want a picture with my grandparents.”

“Well, OK then.” This is as close as she gets to smiling in photos.

I occasionally play Draw Something and, while I’m no artist, sometimes I crack myself up.

life rearranged


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