Lows & Highs: 9/19-9/25/12

Last weekend, I traveled to Salina, KS, with a group of students for an annual fall conference for college students. This year’s theme was Live Out Loud – Following Jesus in the Everyday Life .

Inconvenient: I had to miss one of the conference sessions and get up super early (4:15 a.m.) on Saturday to take a certification exam (Praxis for ESOL) required for my graduate program. The upside is that the test is over and I feel comfortable enough with the material that I may not have to retake it.

Exhausting: On Saturday, I was awake for over 22 hours of what felt like non-stop activity that started with the Praxis and ended when our group returned around 2:00 a.m. from its annual IHOP run. I enjoyed the day though, and I do not know what I could have left out.

Bonding: At the conference, I enjoyed getting to know our students better and meeting people from other campuses, particularly the other two-year college we partnered with for the weekend. Combining our two groups gave students the benefit of each one’s strengths and they seemed to enjoy each other. See a photo of the combined group below. Don’t we have fun students?  

Sweetness: I also enjoyed attending sessions & workshops with Brian, who also brought students to the conference. Two of the girls teased us for not being publicly affectionate and enthusiastic about seeing each other, saying we didn’t act like we even liked each other. They approved a little more when they saw us holding hands later but I think they were disappointed that our initial greeting was not more like a scene out of a romantic movie. Their playful, teasing disapproval cracked me up!

Feel free to post your lows and highs or link to a lows-and-highs post in the comments.


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