Top 5 Favorite Movies

I do not have one favorite movie but here are my top five. My taste in movies may be a tad eclectic.

Phantom of the Opera – beautifully dramatic music, a love triangle, and rich symbolism. Be careful who you let control your mind.
Mamma Mia – upbeat Abba music, cheesy plot and dialogue, and Pierce Brosnan trying to act suave while singing terribly. It makes me laugh hard every time.
Sahara – Africa, action and adventure, and bantering buddies. Adventures like these are where inside jokes come from.
IQ – Eccentric physicists, math and science jokes, and matchmaking. With Walter Matthau as Albert Einstein how can you go wrong?
Live Free or Die Hard – the witty and tough John McClane, a sarcastic and clueless hacker, and an evil bad guy out to cause chaos. Hollywood seems to think duos can only have one sane member at a time.

 What are your favorite movies?



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2 responses to “Top 5 Favorite Movies

  1. 300: Great action film; total warrior movie.
    Lord of the Rings Trilogy: My favorite fantasy.
    Star Wars Trilogy: The original trilogy was my favorite and still is today.
    Robo Cop: I love the thought of human/cybernetics.
    The 6th Sense: Totally didn’t catch it until the end; cried so hard in that one.

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