Insta-Friday: Lots of Family & Projects

Last Saturday, we celebrated early Thanksgiving and fall birthdays with relatives. We met at my grandparents’ farm early to help with the food preparations and “a few” outside projects. Brian was in town for the weekend, so he and I rode up with my parents and were greeted by my grandparents and aunt, Jan.

Project 1: Garage Window
We did not plan to replace any windows but, when we arrived, Grandpa told us he put Blondie (their very intelligent, rebellious, and undisciplined retriever mix who is very noisy at night) in the garage the night before because she was barking so much and keeping them awake. She was so upset and determined to get out that she jumped up onto the work bench and through the garage window, breaking the glass. Dad quickly measured the glass and called the nearest lumber yard to order it, only to find out that they closed in 20 minutes and were a 15-minute drive away! Dad handed Brian his car keys and the two of us took off, finding the store and making our purchases with 2 minutes to spare.

Project 2: Back Door
Due to the shifting ground and foundation, the door between the kitchen and back porch/mudroom would not close completely, letting a cold draft into the house. While Brian and I were on our errand, Dad lifted the door off the hinges, planed it, and re-hung it.

Project 3: Bushes
While we arrived back at the farm, Luke and Christine had arrived and the growing work crew began taking out all the bushes next to the house, which died during the drought last summer. Ben (the youngest) came during lunch and helped clean out the last of the bushes.

Sara, Josh, and Eli showed up and we all stopped to greet them and then we ladies went inside with Sara and Eli. Jan and Grandma both got to meet and hold Eli for the first time.

Project 4: Gutters
Mid-afternoon, I walked outside to see if the men needed any drinks or snacks. I chuckled to see Ben up on a ladder, cleaning leaves and dirt out of the gutters while the other men stood around and talked. When my uncle, Brent, came later, he brought the rest of the replacement bushes (we brought the others) and they planted yews and roses in place of the dead bushes.

Todd and Catherine, my cousin and his new wife, arrived in time for our celebratory supper. We had a terrific time, with all 15 of us crowded around the table, laughing and eating and talking. Most of us were more than ready for bed that night, though!

“Hi, Eli! Remember me? You do?!”

“What are you doing all the way over there?”

“Um, you got a little something right… there.”

I’m a tad late in the day on my InstaFriday post, but I made it!

I’m linking up with Jeanett at LifeRearranged.


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