InstaFriday: Trying New Things

I have been busy with my normal life stuff and working on my Teacher Work Sample but I have been trying a few new things.

With all the below-freezing nights we have had here in Kansas lately, I made an attempt to bring some of my herb garden inside. Left to right: Mint was already in this pot, so I think it stands a good chance of survival. Parsley and rosemary will start from cuttings plus rooting hormone, according to my research, and so far they look okay. Chives are a type of bulb, I think, so I split the bunch in my garden and transplanted part of it (this approach has worked for me before).

I am also trying out washi tape* on some of the artsy pages of my journal.

In writing classes, they tell you to "Show, don't tell" which, come to think of it, is kind of ironic.Some of my best adventures began with "I don't really want to go but I know I need to" and ended with "I'm so glad I went."

What experiments or new-to-you products have you tried recently?

*Essentially decorative masking tape that originated in Japan.



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2 responses to “InstaFriday: Trying New Things

  1. Love your quote about showing-not-telling. So true!

    Oh and rosemary will winter just fine outside! But it can’t hurt to bring it in since it’s so young.

    • Thanks for the tip about rosemary! Both the inside plant and the outside plant seem to be okay so far, but we are having lows in the 20s this week, so I’m not sure how the outdoor one will fare.

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