Insta-Friday: Bokeh, Blankets, & Baby

Dec12 Photo Collage
1. Look at the smile and dimples on that baby! I have a feeling those will get him out of trouble quite a few times when he gets older. (Credit: Photo actually taken by my dad, a.k.a. Eli’s Gramps.)

2. Brian wanted to be sure we took this photo the night he proposed.

3. Intentionally blurry view of my Christmas tree. It is called bokeh, which I take to mean “artistically out of focus.”

4. Rag quilt for picnics, football games, and movie nights. Made for Brian with lots of guidance from my mom because I had never made one before.

5. Christmas Eve photo with my future in-laws. They have a terrific Christmas village but this does not do it justice.

6. Eli with his Great-Grandma at our postponed Christmas celebration.

What do you think of bokeh, blankets, or babies?

What creative ideas have you tried lately?

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