Lows & Highs: 1/16-1/22/13

Low: I woke with a splitting headache on Saturday and, though it subsided to a dull ache, it lasted all day. Nevertheless, I enjoyed talking through some of the discussion questions for premarital counseling, watching Les Miserables, and going to a local talent show that day.

Highs: While I was visiting for the weekend, Brian and I took the opportunity to have fun with hospitality. We baked cookies (really I baked while he made dinner) for game night with college students and then taught them how to play Sequence. We also had friends over for taco salads after church on Sunday.


What were your lows and highs from the past week?

Lows & Highs is a Stories from the Stairs weekly feature. Feel free to join in by posting your lows and highs in the comments or by posting a link to your lows and highs blog post.

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