Field Notes on Dating #1-5

For the first post of my new Field Notes series, I have selected five Notes on dating, based completely on my experience and what I have observed.

1. If you search the web for romantic gestures for ladies to do for their boyfriends and eliminate all the ones better-suited for married, parenting, and/or cohabiting couples, there is a surprising lack of creative ideas out there.

2. A new dating relationship often inspires women to bake cookies, even if they are normally averse to cooking and baking.

3. The cuteness of coupledom can make friends simultaneously “aww” and gag. If the couple in question tends toward excessive PDA*, there is probably more gagging. I am told by an anonymous source that throwing soft foam darts or other projectiles is a good way to distract and dissuade an offending twosome.

4. I initially had my doubts but kite-flying is a fun date.

5. Not every real relationship is “Facebook official” and that is okay. Social media never tells the whole story anyway.

Being in love is a good thing, but it is not the best thing. – C.S. Lewis

What are your random observations about dating?

*Public Displays of Affection defined as excessive by anyone other than the couple.

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