Memphis Trip Days 1-2

I’m blogging on my phone, so please excuse any weird formatting or errors. On day #1 of our spring break mission trip to Memphis, Tennessee, Brian’s group came east and picked ours up on the way to Little Rock, Arkansas. The nine of us (four adults and five students) met our hostesses for the night at IHOP for dinner… At the smallest IHOP with the smallest IHOP parking lot I’ve ever seen. Backing and parking the full-size van with trailer was certainly an exciting and humorous experience! As you can see in the photo, the waitress made Andrew’s night when she accidentally made two iced mochas instead of the one he ordered and then gave him the second one free!

On day #2, we went to an Anglican Church (my first time) and then headed the last few hours to Memphis. We are keeping a list of funny quotes and have already collected over 20. Here is one for you to enjoy…

Conner: I never stayed in a prison before.
Julia: First time for everything!




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