Memphis Trip Day 5

This morning, we visited a nursing home where I visited first with Pete* and then with Mary Lou*. Pete is from Arkansas and used to be a music teacher. He also played the French horn all over this side of the country and as far west as Abilene, Texas. He has played in Ringling Bros Circus and the Memphis Symphony, too. He doesn’t have family around anymore; he has a step-son somewhere but does not hear from him. Pete is a bit forgetful and very hard-of-hearing now, so our conversation required some repeating, but I enjoyed hearing about his life.

Mary Lou has a sharp mind and wit even though she gets recent events mixed up occasionally. She will turn 100 on April 7 and I hope I’m as lively and sweet as she is when I’m that age!

At Bible club, Julia told the story of God providing manna in the desert. I led the crafts where each kid decorated a paper bag with markers and a “plaque” that said God cares for me. While they sang a couple songs at the end of the afternoon, we filled the bags with their promised “surprise” – care packages provided by our church at home. As the kids left, we returned their bags with instructions to hold them tightly closed until they got home. They were so excited!



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