Lows & Highs: Labor Day

I know I am a day late posting this. Like most people I have talked to, I feel as if I have been a day off all week because of the three day weekend.

I cannot remember a low for this week and have lots to talk about on the highs.

Brian’s parents came to visit us over the long weekend, so they were our first overnight guests in the new house. (And the guest room is looking marvelous, thanks to my husband’s painting skills and our combined curtain-hanging efforts!)

The men’s major project was repairing holes in the shed and replacing the doors, but they also fixed the electric garage door opener that has not worked since we moved in.

2013-09-05 17.23.07

We ladies sewed living room curtains, which is to say that Brian’s mom sewed and I pressed or pinned things as she directed because my sewing skills are still at a “for survival only” level. Despite all the work, we had a fun visit and have lots to show for it!

2013-09-05 17.40.51

What were your lows and highs from the past week?

Lows & Highs is a Stories from the Stairs weekly feature. Feel free to join in by posting your lows and highs in the comments or by posting a link to your lows and highs blog post.

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