Lemon Cream “Tarts” Snack

I eat two to three snacks a day, interspersed between three small to moderate meals (my mom says I eat like a hobbit). Since I try to keep a healthy blend of carbohydrates and protein, I usually stick with the same basic snacks that serve their purpose but sometimes become a little boring.

Every so often, I happen upon a particular snack that is satisfyingly delicious and nutritional. I tried what I am calling Lemon Cream “Tarts” today and they are yummy! (Yes, I realize they are not actual tarts but call them that anyway.)
Lemon Cream "Tarts"
Lemon Cream “Tarts” 
1 thin sandwich-style bun, whole wheat
2 tablespoons ricotta cheese, part-skim
2 tablespoons lemon cream*

Split the bun open and toast the the two sides separately. (They toast faster than normal bread, so watch closely.) Spread the ricotta on the bun. Gently spread the lemon cream over the ricotta. (Total calorie count: 200.) Enjoy!

*Many people call it lemon curd but that name sounds gross to some my friends and family, so I call it lemon cream. I make my own using this recipe from My Baking Addiction.


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