Midweek Memphis Update

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you know we arrived safely in inner city Memphis and are hard (and often humorously) at work on Bible club and other work projects. I apologize for any typos or weird formatting on this post. I am composing on my phone and have limited wifi availability for uploading all the photos I want to include! 

On Monday, we visited a nursing home and enjoyed our conversations with the residents. Our men seemed to be popular with the elderly ladies who loved attention from younger men. At one point, Julia and I walked into a lobby and found Conner surrounded six to eight ladies who were enthralled by him and his guitar. I met two particular ladies who loved to talk about “the Lawd an’ His blessins'”. One of them used to be a pastor’s wife and sang in a choir. When she found out I do not have kids, she advised me to have a boy first. 

Monday’s Bible club was a bit chaotic for us and the eighteen kids who came. Part of the craziness was caused by our team trying to figure out what worked and what did not, the rest was due to delays from walking teams arriving with kids. We broke into pairs and walk prearranged routes to invite and pick up kids for club, but some of the residents informed us that kids would get home around 3:30 or 4:00… And we originally planned to be back at our site to start at 3:15! We heard later that the change in school release times was unknown to the StreetReach staff and had affected all the club sites running this week. 

For Tuesday’s Bible club, the start time was adjusted to be later so we could include more kids. At our site, we had thirty-four kids! 

On Tuesday morning, our project was cleaning the little-used section of a local church, where a large team will sleep when they come to work with StreetReach next week. 

Please continue praying for us this week! In our team devotional times, we have been praying for patience, unity, and opportunities to encourage and help our teammates as well as the StreetReach staff. 

A spontaneous dance party broke out after dinner on Monday!


Fun times setting up for Bible club!


Men who know how to clean well!20140318-210248.jpg



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