Bible Club Update

We began the week with 18 kids and reached 34 when we moved to a later start time on Tuesday. On Wednesday, 61 kids showed up to play and do crafts and hear Bible stories! It was almost (read “totally”) more than our team could handle but it was marvelous chaos. 

On Thursday, our last afternoon of club, our team of ten – plus Sarah, our StreetReach staff member – prepared extra craft supplies and made plans for around the same number of kids. Things seemed to be running smoothly with 58 kids listening to a story about following Jesus and making salvation bracelets. Suddenly an ice cream truck appeared (no kidding!) and had them all distracted and running to it, even though most had little or no money. Andrew talked to the men in the truck and they moved on. We eventually were able to corral most of the kids back to their activities and the bracelets sparked some good conversations about following Jesus. 
There are more stories to come, but it is late and I am tired. Here are a few of my favorite Bible club moments:



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