Lows & Highs: Busyness & Secret Agents

Welcome to Lows & Highs, a Stories from the Stairs weekly-ish feature! Feel free to join in by posting your lows and highs from the week in the comments or by posting a link to your own lows and highs blog post.



Low: I had a sudden case of “overcommittment-itis” over the weekend. Its symptoms can include planning fatigue, a rash of urgent tasks, decision-making aversion, and thoughts of “why did I agree to do all these things?” A spontaneous date night – courtesy of my sweet husband – and Sunday lunch with new friends helped me recover and regain perspective in time to have fun with VBS kickoff Sunday evening.



High: BriaD3 Badgen and I have been enjoying the fifth and sixth graders at our Vacation Bible School this week. The theme is “Agency D3: Discover, Decide, Defend” from Lifeway. It is an exciting (and silly, the way we do it) secret agent theme that encourages kids to collect and consider evidence about who Jesus is.



Agent Brian



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  1. Love it! Love you! Mom

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