Funny Search Results

People find my blog through some very odd search results sometimes. Here are some of my recent favorites, along with my comments to the searchers.

  • collage girls hidden faces – Why search for a collage of girls with hidden faces? 
  • deadwood poker player
  • minnie money chicago deadwood – Were you looking for costume ideas?
  • abby howe blog – I hope you were looking for me and not the actress, the artist, or the scientist.
  • quote tried but i so glad – Tried… to learn English?
  • dear abby psa – I hadn’t heard any “Dear Abby” remarks yet today…
  • biblical story of highs and lows of life – I hope this search took you to the summary of our Ecclesiastes study.
  • carmen sandiego costume – If you’re dressing as Carmen for Halloween, you are probably a Millennial. 
  • mayhem progressive full body – Easy costume for men: Wear a disheveled suit, messy hair, a small bandage on your face, and a name tag that says “Mayhem.” Black eye optional.
  • food delivered to abbie on ncis 9/30/14 – I was watching this episode yesterday! I think it was from Beltway Burgers.
My Current Favorite
how does mayhem fall backwards down the stairs in the all state commercial? – Is this a burning question? I haven’t answered this on the blog, but did post a photo of the time Brian dressed up as Mayhem and I was Flo.


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3 responses to “Funny Search Results

  1. This is funny… and way less disturbing than how people find me…

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