Something About Free Time

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Here is your weekly installment of Question Collection. Every Monday, I post and answer a selection from my collection of good questions.

How Do You Spend Most of Your Free Time? | Question Collection

This week’s question is “How do you spend most of your free time?”


I usually watch TV shows with Brian while I play with Cola or crochet or read blogs or write blog posts. Cola is at a attention-demanding, high-energy stage of development, so we usually tag-team playing with her for a while and then leave her to play on her own. My recent crochet projects have been edging swaddling blankets for friends having babies.



What is your answer to this week’s question? It is never too late to answer!



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4 responses to “Something About Free Time

  1. saradwrites

    In my free time I enjoy a number of different things. Crochet, Reading, Contemplating, LOL, Korean Dramas, Blogging, or simply sitting on the couch with hubby holding hands.

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