What I’m Into: February 2015

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I know most people linking up with Leigh Kramer for “What I’m Into” posted a week ago, so I’m a few days late. I have not joined this link-up since November because the end of December found me traveling, visiting, and fighting a miserable sinus infection while trying to show people I really was having a good time with them while feeling icky. The end of January found me leaving a job and starting a teaching job and playing catch up since I started the new job three weeks after the semester started.



Google Hangouts provided a little family togetherness this month when my sister and I wanted to video chat and include our parents. Downside: Eli seems to think all of his relatives live in the same place, the computer.

I started using Trello to organize my lists of things I’m trying to remember for home projects and lesson planning and anything else I can think of. It is a bit like having multiple bulletin boards with sticky notes arranged in different lists on each board. I adjusted to it very quickly because it is remarkably similar to a more awkward physical system I used when I worked in accounting. Disclaimer: If you use this link to sign up, Trello gives me a free month of Trello Gold. I don’t know exactly what that is, but it sounds fancy.

An acquaintance suggested the AeroPress Timer app to me and it has opened up many fun experiments for me to try with coffee making! I especially like the 1st Place and Japan recipes from the free Championship Pack. (If you use this app, I get nothing but the joy of sharing which is still pretty great.)


Sweet and Tangy Meatballs, served with brown rice and veggies are a Sunday Lunch favorite at Howe House.

Around the House

Brian and I removed our old back door and then I left for a spa birthday party and Clay came over to help Brian install the new one.

What are you into this month? 


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6 responses to “What I’m Into: February 2015

  1. I’m late to the “What I’m Into” party too, but better late than never, right? I still haven’t gotten on board with Google Hangouts, but sounds like I need to. Too funny that Eli thinks people live on the computer. ha. I keep wondering what invention will be next. I can’t even imagine!

    • We like Google Hangouts because it’s free video chat for multiple people and works on most computers, tablets, or smart phones. My nephew, Eli, is two doesn’t seem to get talking on phones but he’ll chatter on and on with video! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Hello from Leigh’s link up! I signed up for a Trello account! I love organizational tools, especially online! Thanks for the hint! Hope you enjoy Trello Gold!

    • Nice to meet you, Hannah, and thanks for signing up with my link! I hope you’ll enjoy Trello as much as I do. I’ll try out Trello Gold and post about what I think. 🙂

  3. Tanya Marlow

    Coming to you via Leigh – those tangy meatballs sound GOOD! Pleased to have found another coffee-lover, although sadly I can’t have caffeine anymore. Good-quality decaff is good, but not quite the same…

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