What Do You Want to Start?

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On the second Monday of each month, I post and answer a selection from my collection of good questions. This month’s question is “What’s one thing you want to start doing in the next twelve months?”

 April 09, 2015 at 0109PM

I want to start playing the piano again. Many people do not know that I can even play because it does not come up in normal conversations and because I have not played in public in years. Actually, I have not even played in private in years. When Brian and I got married two years ago, I packed up my keyboard in its protective case, moved to a new town, and never took it out. We still do not really have room for it in our house because I have not made room for it. One of my goals for summer is to clean up and clean out our garage and our second guest room (fondly called “The Abyss”) so that I can set up the keyboard in the guest room.

(c) Carlos Eduardo Sotelo Ibarra, used with permission

As an adult, I have often not taken the time to play the piano because it does not do or produce anything other than to make me happy. I lack the talent and desire to be a professional pianist and playing for worship or accompaniment is not fun or worshipful for me. It does not help anyone except for me and that has not always been enough motivation for me to make time to play.  Starting this summer, I am going to play anyway. The emotional health and enjoyment it gives me is a good enough reason to do it.

Now It’s Your Turn to Ask & Answer

Take the questions and ask your friends or family. I would love to hear your answers in the comments (seriously. that’s why I ask, after all)! If you have suggestions of questions for me to include, let me know.

*Piano image (c) Carlos Eduardo Sotelo Ibarra, used with permission


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