Blog Cheerleader Update

31 Days Blog Cheerleader

Cheerleading at Warp Speed

I have been loving the 31 Days series I am following and, wow, is it hard to keep up with my optimistically-overloaded RSS feed! I am doing my best to click over to blogs, read, and comment. If you want to remind me about yours or invite me to visit for the first time, please leave a comment.

Lessons Learned

It is difficult to keep track of all the 31 Days blogs that I subscribed to in Feedly. One tip for Feedly users: You can edit the feed names to be one or two words that describe the series so that it is easier to remember what theme each post is following. Another new and handy Feedly feature is the “Must Read” section. I added some of my favorite 31 Days blogs to this list so I can quickly read and comment on them. The other blogs are in my 31 Days collection, where I can skim and comment when I have more time.

The Chrome browser or some of the extensions I have installed does weird things to the reCaptcha verification that many blogs have for commenting (I’m looking at you, Blogger platform!). Basically, I have to go to the blog in a different browser or not comment.

Coming Up

I want to spotlight some of my favorite 31 Days series and tell you why I like them. Watch for individual posts starting Monday!



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