Spotlight: 31 Days to a Better Understanding of Football

31 Days Series Spotlight

31 Days to a Better Understanding of Football

Kirsten – of My Cracked Conclusion – is writing a fun, well-thought-out look at the nuts and bolts of football for her 31 Days series. In addition, there are plenty of diagrams and graphics to demonstrate and add to the written explanations.

What I Have Learned

High school and college footballs have a white stripe across each end and pro footballs do not. Jersey numbers traditionally reflect the player’s position.

Favorite Post(s) So Far

The Running and Passing and Receiving posts are both full of explanations and diagrams of running and passing plays. Someone new to football would do well to bookmark these two for reference while watching a game (or study them ahead of time).


Who Would Enjoy This Series

Kristen’s series is especially for people with little to no practical understanding of football. Her practical, easy-to-read explanations will not have readers drowning in jargon.

31 Days Blog Cheerleader


In my self-designated role of unofficial 31 Days cheerleader, I am spotlighting some of my favorite series. The opinions shared are entirely my own and do not represent the bloggers I highlight. Also, I only know what the bloggers have posted thus far and am not responsible if the series takes a strange or unseemly turn. I am doing this series merely to encourage bloggers who are working hard to keep up with the challenge of posting every day in October.



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