What I’m Into: December 2015

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This was the first Christmas that I was teaching college instead of working at the high school, so it was nice to have the longest break I have had since I graduated from college. As I told Brian, this was the best Christmas I have had since we got married. The first Christmas, I had a cold and then threw my back out by coughing too hard. The second Christmas, I had a cold that turned into a sinus infection and sent me to urgent care two days before Christmas (my mom also got the flu that year, so she and dad both missed out on our family celebration). This year, none of us were sick so everyone made it and seemed to enjoy our time together.


Blistex Lip Vibrance is my new favorite lip balm. It has SPF with a hint of color and shimmer but is sometimes difficult to find in stores.

I made my first trip to the new local Sally’s Beauty Supply and was delighted to discover they have a wide selection of gel nail colors. I chose one with gold sparkles for the holidays (pictured below). And, yes, the barista spelled my name wrong.

Sparkly gold nail polish & Starbucks


Brian’s parents gave me a FitBit Charge HR to replace my old Charge that had a peeling-off band. I really like the new one! I often do FitBit challenges with online friends, so it will be nice to have one that works better.



Due to some icy roads, we stretched our seven-day holiday trip into eight days of visiting multiple branches of our family. Some fun highlights from our trip:
  • Family coffee dates at Starbucks
  • Reactions to the shrink wrap on our gift of homemade hot drink syrups
  • Eli’s excited, whole-body-quivering reaction to our gift of a construction-themed Lego set
  • Building Duplo blocks with Eli and Nathan (my cousin’s son)
 Building with Eli & Nathan

Around the House

Ever since I bought my first Christmas tree while living in my second apartment, I have always had multicolored lights and we continued that tradition for our first two married Christmases. When we got out our decorations this year, however, one string of multicolored lights would not work, so we switched to clear ones and I think they look great with our red, gold, and silver ornaments.

Christmas tree with white lights


On Netflix: NCIS seasons 1-12 arrived earlier this year, so I have been watching selected “eras” rather than the entire series. I enjoyed the “early Ziva” days in season 3 and discovered a few episodes I’d never seen from season 5.

In Theaters: Brian and I had a date night to watch Star War: The Force Awakens on its first weekend. It was an enjoyable action flick and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) had all the funniest lines. That said, the plot could have been better and more original. To prepare for watching this movie, Brian spent the first part of Christmas break watching the first six Star Wars movies. Cola and I joined him for some of them, but I was also working on making some Christmas gifts.

  Dog watching Star Wars

What are you into this month?

Homemade Hot Drink Syrups

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