Appreciating the Ordinary (& a Giveaway)

Living Between Milestones |
Sometimes it seems that we live only for highlights between ordinary days. Some of us live on weekends between work weeks or on holidays between classes. We seem in-between when we are out of school but not working, working but not at the jobs we want, working and not yet retired. We feel in-between when we are adults but not married, married but without children, have children who do not yet sleep through the nights, and so on.

I wonder if it is lack of appreciation for normalcy that makes us feel caught between “important” milestones. As a plan-loving relaxed perfectionist, I am definitely not against goals and plans. They keep us moving, but I realize there is more to life than what I want to achieve next. It is okay and even necessary to be in-between. When we measure lives only by thrilling moments and accomplishments, we neglect the quiet sweetnessabsurd hilarity, and slow growth in the ordinary moments.
My current in-between, ordinary life is full of teaching (and planning and grading), exercising myself and Cola, playing with children in the church nursery, ministering to college students, and so on. The days have stories and soundtracks and aromas and vivid colors and bloopers. They not all pleasant, nor are they all unpleasant. Most days fall in between the two ends of the spectrum. I practicing gratefulness for all of it because this is life.


I made myself a smartphone wallpaper to remind me to enjoy the ordinary moments. You can download it free here. Simply click the link, and then right-click on the image to save it (or tap and hold on a mobile device).
Ordinary Day |

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