The List

life experiences & achievements

What a life I’ve been given, such adventures, and still more await!


  • Taught English as a Second Language
  • Visited Kazakstan, China, Korea, U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Fell in love
  • Said “yes” when he asked


  • Stood at the top of Pike’s Peak
  • Learned to eat with chopsticks
  • Learned to make lucky Chinese origami stars
  • Was mistaken for Russian
  • Walked to the top of Nan Yue mountain
  • Traveled solo internationally
  • Interpreted spoken English to ASL (twice)
  • Snorkeled with tropical fish along a coral reef


  • Read the entire Bible, Ivanhoe, The Odyssey, 1001 Arabian Nights
  • Learned to play the piano
  • Studied American Sign Language (ASL), Spanish, French, Russian, Kazak, Mandarin (only conversational in two)
  • Written an award-winning short story
  • Learned to knit and crochet
  • Seen [Broadway shows] Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Beauty & the Beast, 9 to 5, Memphis, The Addams Family, Jersey Boys.
  • Seen a movie at a drive-in (Prince of Egypt)


  • Moved (three times)
  • Kept a houseplant alive for eight years
  • Had a betta fish, numerous hamsters, three dogs
  • Adopted a puppy from a shelter


  • Finished an associate’s degree with honors
  • Finished a bachelor’s degree magna cum laude
  • Finished a master of arts degree
  • Taught as a substitute teacher


  • Been a maid of honor (twice)
  • Been a bride
  • Thrown a bachelorette party (four times)
  • Hosted wedding showers
  • Hosted a baby shower
  • Coordinated a surprise birthday party
  • Started a mud fight
  • Planned & initiated a pudding fight
  • Participated in a jello fight
  • Bowled a 56 and had a blast
  • Attended three murder mystery parties & never guessed the right killer


  • Had red hair
  • Had brunette hair
  • Had blonde hair
  • Lost 25 pounds (in a healthy way)

Last updated 28 August 2014


3 responses to “The List

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  2. Loved your list, Abby!!! God is incredibly creatively faithful!!! Love you!

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