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Adventures in Wyoming

Road Trip with an Emergency Room Stop

If you have been following my Instagram or Twitter, you know Brian and I traveled with my parents to Wyoming to visit Mom’s side of the family. On the way, we stopped to visit my grandpa in Loveland, Colorado, where he has been recovering from a fall and broken leg. Unfortunately, he fainted during physical therapy and we had to have our first visit in a nearby ER. After hours of tests, the medical staff determined that he was fine and sent him back to the rehab center.

Going to the emergency room


While in Laramie, we took a few hours to have touristy adventures, visiting the Pyramid of the Plains and hiking at Vedauwoo. In a couple places, Dad and I climbed around on rocks while Mom and Brian stayed near the trail and took pictures of us.
Brian & I at Pyramid of the Plains

Pyramid of the Plains plaque

Vedauwoo Warning

hiking, rock climbing, Wyoming

Hiking, mountains, Wyoming

Hiking, rock climbing, Wyoming

Hiking, mountains, Wyoming

Hiking, mountains, Wyoming

Coffee & Books

During an afternoon coffee run, I took my parents exploring and found a lovely, homey coffee shop and secondhand bookstore in a hipster-esque neighborhood of Laramie. If you are in Laramie, check out Night Heron Books and Coffeehouse.

Night Heron Books & Coffeehouse

Night Heron Books & Coffeehouse

Night Heron Books & Coffeehouse

I had such a good time visiting with the rest of our Wyoming family that I didn’t mess with taking photos while we were with them, so feel free to use your imagination to see that part of our trip!


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31 Days of Random Questions – Day 26

What do you collect?

My tangible collections are journals I have filled (dating back to the early 90’s), children’s and young adult books I enjoyed as a kid, and interesting glass bottles.

My intangible collection is hundreds of stories, real and invented, mine and others’. I remember the plots and characters and can retell them or listen to them over and over. I have loved stories for as long as I can remember.

We are nearing the end of the 31 Days Challenge, so make any question suggestions and I will do my best to answer them before the end of the month.


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