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What I’m Into: October 2014


I finally got around to setting up custom typing shortcuts on my iPhone. They are marvelous for reducing the amount of typing I have to do!

DesignLoveFest has had some creatively artistic wallpapers lately that I’ve downloaded to use on my phone and computers.

I started a series this month, Abby’s Apps, about my favorite apps as part of 31 Days but did not post every day because things got hectic.
Reviews of iOS Apps | Abby's Apps at StairStories.com #31Days


I made a purse! Okay, it is really more like I re-made a purse but I am very happy with the finished result. It originally weighed over two pounds – when it was completely empty! The new purse weighs a bit less than one pound. Now that is a healthy “diet.”

Purse Re-fashion | StairStories.comPurse Re-fashion | StairStories.com Purse Re-fashion | StairStories.com

I also made my costume for Halloween, which did not take any sewing, but involved lots of cutting and painting. We ordered Brian’s online because making it would have been outside the realm of my limited sewing skills. When it arrived, though, the costume fit uncomfortably and I spent an evening altering it anyway. Still, it was much easier than making the whole thing from scratch! If you are curious about our costumes, I will post photos on Twitter and Instagram tonight (Halloween night). We will be handing out popcorn at the college’s costume dance party and have refused to tell our students until then.


We tried a frittata for the first time and it was a delicious way to use up some leftovers. with whole wheat spaghetti, ground turkey, baby ‘bella mushrooms, broccoli, and scallions.

Big batches of cinnamon syrup and gingerbread syrup always make coffee taste like fall to me!

I have been making apple chips for my snacks… and Cola’s. I read that dried apples make nice, healthy dog treats and store-bought treats concern me with what seems like a lack of quality control. Brian refuses to share my apple chip snacks because he thinks it is weird and gross that I make the same exact snack food for myself and our dog. What do you think?

Semi-homemade apple-cinnamon crescent rolls (of my own invented recipe) are a fast fall side dish or dessert.
Apple-Cinnamon Crescent Roll | StairStories.com


On TV: NCIS: LA has certainly had some fun twists this month! I will not give anything away but have enjoyed seeing more of Nell and Hetty’s character development. I am also enjoying Scorpion, about a team of almost antisocial geniuses who form a tight-knit group and end up working as government problem-solvers.

On Youtube: Consumer Reports channel, especially their “What to Get… & Forget” series. I also loved this sweet story that happens to be a scotch ad.


We held our Second Annual Classic Mystery Movie Night at Howe House this month. The Campus Christian Fellowship students come and bring friends for snacks and a movie that was probably made before I was born. The movie selection for the evening is never announced ahead of time because whoever is there at the beginning of the party gets to choose by consensus from the movies we provide. (This gets quite a few of them there “on time!”) This year, the three people who were at the previous Classic Mystery Movie Night wanted to watch Charade again and none of the others had seen it or had objections. Our CMMN may turn into an annual showing of Charade at this rate!
2014-10-24 19.45.11-12014-10-24 19.45.15

Two of our college students decided to be baptized this month!
2014-10-26 14.22.47 2014-10-12 16.34.15

We had twelve people eating pasta around our table for Sunday lunch last weekend but it was so crazy that I forgot to take a photo.

Around the House

Our adorable and [sometimes annoyingly] energetic pup is five months old now and has developed a bolder demeanor we are trying to train. We encourage chasing squirrels and rabbits out of the yard and discourage eating the tomatoes, tomato vines, and various other “people possessions.” We encourage making new friends and discourage jumping on people or furniture.
2014-10-25 17.41.07-12014-10-03 16.57.08-1

2014-10-11 16.46.43

Brian and I replaced the gutters along the front of our house so now there will not be a waterfall directly over the front door every time it rains. I really liked getting to climb up the ladder and use the drill to mount brackets while Brian handed me supplies. Even before our wedding, we agreed that I would get to do most ladder-climbing tasks because I enjoy it and Brian does not.

2014-10-17 15.51.38 2014-10-17 16.21.47 2014-10-18 16.59.09

What have you been into lately?

I am linking up with Leigh Kramer to share what I’ve been into lately.



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Lows & Highs: 1/16-1/22/13

Low: I woke with a splitting headache on Saturday and, though it subsided to a dull ache, it lasted all day. Nevertheless, I enjoyed talking through some of the discussion questions for premarital counseling, watching Les Miserables, and going to a local talent show that day.

Highs: While I was visiting for the weekend, Brian and I took the opportunity to have fun with hospitality. We baked cookies (really I baked while he made dinner) for game night with college students and then taught them how to play Sequence. We also had friends over for taco salads after church on Sunday.


What were your lows and highs from the past week?

Lows & Highs is a Stories from the Stairs weekly feature. Feel free to join in by posting your lows and highs in the comments or by posting a link to your lows and highs blog post.

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Top 5 Favorite Movies

I do not have one favorite movie but here are my top five. My taste in movies may be a tad eclectic.

Phantom of the Opera – beautifully dramatic music, a love triangle, and rich symbolism. Be careful who you let control your mind.
Mamma Mia – upbeat Abba music, cheesy plot and dialogue, and Pierce Brosnan trying to act suave while singing terribly. It makes me laugh hard every time.
Sahara – Africa, action and adventure, and bantering buddies. Adventures like these are where inside jokes come from.
IQ – Eccentric physicists, math and science jokes, and matchmaking. With Walter Matthau as Albert Einstein how can you go wrong?
Live Free or Die Hard – the witty and tough John McClane, a sarcastic and clueless hacker, and an evil bad guy out to cause chaos. Hollywood seems to think duos can only have one sane member at a time.

 What are your favorite movies?


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Lows & Highs: June 19-25

With our students on summer break, we have not been having Monday night Bible study and I have not been thinking or posting much about lows and highs. In no particular order (other than lows have to come first) here are my lows and highs for the past week:

1. Minor but frustrating issues at work with someone who regularly blows off my meetings and ignores my emails but expects me to respond right away to any of their questions.

2. Studying for my summer school midterm and taking it required more time than I planned on Saturday. I scored 99/100, though, so that made it less low.

1. Revisiting a favorite classic movie, The Princess Bride, with someone new. I had not seen it in quite a while and it seems even funnier now because I understand all the words and remember the lines my sister and I quoted most during our childhood. (One of her favorites was “Rest well and dream of large women.” can you imagine a kindergartner saying that?)

2. All the time I spent on my weekend road trip (driving solo for four hours each way) gave me time to review Bible verses I memorized ages ago and to listen to some of my favorite soundtracks. Playlist on the way out: The complete Phantom of the Opera movie soundtrack, The Addams Family Broadway soundtrack. Playlist on the way home: A Walk to Remember soundtrack, selections from the Oklahoma and South Pacific soundtracks, The Sound of Music soundtrack, Beach Boys (okay, not a soundtrack but definitely summery driving music!)

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